Pineider Avatar Pacific Blue Fountain Pen

Picture of Pineider Avatar Pacific Blue Fountain Pen

Pineider Avatar Pacific Blue Fine nib Fountain pen - Showroom display unit, selling at cost price to CLEAR.

MYR 1080.00
MYR 615.00

SKU: PP1401/340

Manufacturer: Pineider

Avatar today is an extremely popular representation with young people, who use it all the time in the social media and social forums. It has become their virtual alter ego.

The Avatar collection, made in purest resin in four vibrant colours

The clip is our interpretation of a goose quill. The magnetic cap closing system is truly amazing in design. 

The collection's ring is inspired by the skyline of Florence. 

Note :- This particular piece of fountain pen is the showroom display unit. Brand new condition pen, never ink or dip. However, the outer sleeve of the packaging is imperfect. 

Weight 27g
Length - Capped 145mm
Length - Posted 163mm
Barrel Material Stone-effect Resin
Capped Design Magnetic Cap
Clip Material Marine Steel with Quill Shape
Filling Mechanism Cartridge, Converter
Nib Oversize, Rhodium-plated Steel Nib
Package Include Pineider writing desk, matching paper