Pilot Limited Edition 90th

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Pilot 2008 Limited Edition Namiki Raden Toki Maki-e 90th Anniversary Fountain Pen

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Manufacturer: Pilot

From Namiki:

On October 1st, 2008, Pilot celebrates 90 years of operations since its foundation by Ryosuke Namiki. We owe this achievement entirely to the many years of patronage by our faithful customers, and thus we choose this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers by producing two exquisitely crafted pens.

The Japanese crested Ibis or Toki, is a bird so fundamental to Japan that it is even mentioned in the Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan), the second oldest book of classical Japanese history. The book, completed in 720 AD, is widely recognized as the most complete historical record of Japan. Its uniquely colored vermilion skin is often called “Toki-red“. In the sunlight, it is said to glisten in an indescribably beautiful brilliant color.

In 1981, wild Toki’s disappeared from the skies of Japan. However, in 1999, on the Sado Island, in the Chubu region of Niigata Prefecture, a baby chick was successfully hatched for the first time using artificial incubation. The Toki’s numbers now increased to such an extent that they will be reintroduced to the wild.

The 90th anniversary pens were created using the Toki motif. The selection of these designs expresses both our hopes for the future as we look forward to celebrating our 100th anniversary, and our hopes to once again see the Toki perform on its own stage, the skies of Japan.

At present, the environmental problems impacting the Toki’s survival remains a serious threat. However, as we strive towards our 100th anniversary, we will continue to strive to restore the environment, making it a place suitable for the Toki to thrive once again.

The “Toki” 90th anniversary pens are exquisitely crafted using traditional Japanese Maki-e techniques such as Togidashi Taka (burnished raised), Rankaku (egg shell) and Raden (mother of pearl).

As these pens are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art, they are warrantied for life by Namiki.

Weight 37g
Length - Capped 137.5mm
Length - Posted 163.9mm
Diameter 12mm
Barrel Material Lacquered Metal
Capped Design Screw On
Clip Material Metal
Filling Mechanism Converter
Nib 18K Gold
Package Include Ink Bottle